Covid-19 emergency

Following the Coronavirus emergency (COVID-19) The B&B Belvedere, in order to contrast and contain the spread of the virus and therefore protect the health of our customers, has decided to improve some of the safety measures necessary to guarantee a high level of hygiene / healthcare facility, using certified professional figures, who periodically carry out checks and sanitization of the building in compliance with the procedures recommended by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità. For your holiday, do not rely on the first B&B that happens! Ours is a professional structure subjected to the stringent health checks of the ASL, which adopts the security measures listed below.

Hygienic / sanitary measures currently adopted by B&B Belvedere:

  1. Washing and sterilization of linen carried out by Tutonet, leader in the industrial laundry sector with 4 quality certifications for biocontamination from viruses and bacteria, available on their website:
  2. Compliance with the sanitary regulations with periodic checks certified by the Biologist Dr. Rosanna Iannitello of which we list some of the most important:
    • Checks of Covid-19 sanitization and anti-contamination procedures applied by the Structure in accordance with current legislation.
    • Laboratory analysis of the bacterial loads of water both at the inlet (tanks) and at the outlet (taps).
    • Analysis of Anti-Legionella laboratory
    • Laboratory analysis of filters and collectors of air conditioning systems.
  3. Cleaning and sanitizing of rooms and common places by a specialized company that uses specific antivirus products recommended by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità.

Below you can consult our data on the analyzes and certifications issued.